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High speed pusher Jet 


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Fun Jet I make models are able to fly fast many time. Because high speed flight is one of my favorites. This time, I try to make lighter. Looking for heavy parts in standard setting, I found, it's motor ! Original motor is Himax HA 2825-2700. Weight is 135g + "connector about 4g". If choose Warp4 or MEGA 15/16/x, its weight is about 75g. My choice is "Warp4 2T kv3880 + APC S400 4.1x4.1" 430W input power. Pitch speed is approx 210km/h. The Fun Jet is able to fly over 100mph, isn't it ?
After maiden flight, changed motor TURNIGY 2836-3200 & propeller APC S400 4.5x5.5.  The motor is out runner brushless and max input power 650w. However its setting power is output 320W, pitch speed 210km/h. Is it enough ?
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Type Electric Pusher Jet
ESC Hobbywing 40A
Towerpro SG90 x 2
Receiver Berg microstamp
Length 750mm
Wingspan 795mm
Wing Area 15dm²
Flying Weight 556g
Wing Loading 37.1g/dm²
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Power Unit

Of cause My power unit has bigger than Hitec Multiplex original power unit. 1.8times power and 46%weight diet. Total 554g weight it is 15% diet compering original weight desigm.
TURNIGY 2836-3200
Propeller APC S400 4.5x5.5
Hobbywing 40A 36g
Battery LP016 2200mAh

rpm : Amps chart rpm : efficiency chart
Amps-rpm chart rpm-thrust chart

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Assembly report

Same company product Micro Jet, its parts quality is much better, ex. under cover plastic sheet and linkage parts. However Fun Jet parts are ordinary one. ELAPOR® is just foam. I feel Fun Jet price is expensive comparing Chinese EPO and other foam Jet plane.
But motor mount is very very nice ! It is adjustable down/upper thrust.
Photo Motor Mount

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Flight report

Stable and much fast !

Photo Flight Video
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After 2flight
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