HET Tucano (700mm Wing Span)


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HET made 700mm span 'Small R/C Plane'. However it is very fast flying  stable flight in strong wind ! Tucano is farster than ordinary EDF Jet.


Type Sport Flight
APC 5.5x4.5
Servo Waypoint W-060B x 2 12.8g

Length 560mm
Wing span 700mm
Wing Area 8.57dm²
Flying Weight
Wing Loading 43.52g/dm²
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Power Unit performance

Hyperion P1913-6 2080rpm/V
Propeller APC S400 5.5x4.5, 5.25x4.75 or 5x5
Dual Sky 25A 24g
Battery Hyperion LVX 800mAh 3S 65g

Amps-rpm chat Thrust-rpm chart
Amps-rpm chart rpm-thrust chart
Thrust 528g Measurement data by Tahmazo Thrustmeter.
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Flight report

1st flight, I was surprised at fast flying away and looks was smaller and turn is too quick !   But after adjust trim, Its flight is very stable. It was moment of becoming Tucano liker. My staff said  "it is very difficult to record video. Because Tucano is too much fast". Actually Tucano is very fast plane that is using high pitch speed propeller. Following taking off video is not full speed. Full speed is more than 120km/h.
Photo Photo
Video only take off

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