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EDF Flying Wing
EDF Unit
Great PlanesHyperFlow 56 mm EDF 37g
Hyperion Y22L 3600kv
Hyperion HP-LVX-800-3S
Catle Creations THUNDERBIRD-18A 17g
Receiver MKS-PRO-RX4-72 8g
Servo Waypoint W-060 x 2
Wing span
Wing Area 13.5dm²
Flying Weight
11.8oz  334g
Wing Loading
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Buildup Report

It is the point of caution of the tailless aircraft. In the fuselage which has the tail assembly control of up and down left and right attitude it has gone with vector the rear section excluding direction of rotation. Flying wing dosen't have rear wing. It means CG is very important. As for the point with the elevator which is to make front feeling holding down included making fly, it's no problem.  Also it is effective to look downward with setting of  transmitter and to decrease the operating quantity. It is prevention of tip stall, but this fuselage at this point in time, makes good. As for that acquiring toe in to mounting angle of horizontal direction with the vertical wing, the inner thigh (?)We have become, first there are no kind of times when flat spin is caused probably will be and, it may be able to expect also the washout effect.  Washout horizontality, is an effect even in stability of yaw direction. If this thinks of the aerodynamic vector of washout, you can understand probably is naturally.

Power System Performance

Power & rpm
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Max rpm 36108, thrust 383g(13 oz, Efflux Speed 113mph
Thrust graph

1oz = 28.34952313g

Flight Report

XPD-8 is able to fly fast over 100km/h and goes straight easily. HyperFlow 56mm EDF has precision structure and powerful. XPD-8 has got enough thrust and speed. Original motor can take to climb 60° angle. This model has much more powerfull brash less motor, you can suppose speed and climb angle !

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